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Between the books, games, and comics, there are so many alien races in the Star Wars universe beyond the films, it'd take a lifetime to know them all. Some look cute and cuddly like Ewoks, while others invoke fear like the Rancor as it reaches for Luke in Jabba's palace.

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But, as the universe continues to expand, more alien races are revealed, and some are shown in a whole new light. Seeing the sign language of the Tusken Raiders in The Mandalorian intrigued a lot of fans and made them curious about what else they had yet to learn about the beings of the galaxy. Though not all species are interested in friendly relations—even the adorable Ewoks tried to roast the rebels.

10 Gamorrean

Obviously, the wet substance that looks like mucus dripping from their pig-like snouts doesn't give off warm and fuzzy vibes. One of the truly disturbing things about Gamorreans isn't their appearance, but the fact that they seem indifferent to the suffering of others of their kind.

The guards in Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi laugh as they watch a fellow Gamorrean get eaten by the Rancor. This isn't surprising, as they've bred for war and combat on their homeworld, where their diet consists mostly of fungus and their pets are bloodsucking parasites called morrts who feed on them.

9 Hutt

This slug-like alien race is most infamous for the crime lords it produces such as Jabba the Hutt and Ziro, who was first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Their lack of mortality leads them to force others into slavery, even the members of their own kind who are seen as weak for being underweight and suffering from diseases. They see their numbers of slaves as a sign of status and think of them as pets, placing explosives in them that they activate if the slave tries to escape.

8 Arcona

Born underground, this reptile race is prone to addictions and gets intoxicated from eating salt. It causes hallucinations, and so many became addicted or involved in the salt trade, the Republic had to intervene. The eyes of addicts turn from green to gold.

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Their first appearance in A New Hope shows Hem Dazon in the cantina on Tatooine. His golden eyes reveal his addiction to salt, but also to juri juice containing Rodian blood. Bounty hunter El-Les first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, giving fans a look at an Arcona who wasn't a blood-drinking junkie.

7 Amanin

First appearing in Jabba's palace, the Amanin have a small mouth that can widen to consume prey with its sharp teeth and long tongue. The one seen in Episode VI holds a staff with the skulls of his kills on it and drags around a rotting corpse. Their bodies secrete a poisonous slime which keeps their skin moist, and they deposit biological waste through their mouths.

When attacking, they curl themselves into a ball and travel up to 50 kilometers an hour to catch up to their victims. Having multiple organ clusters allows them to transform into two identical Amanin if cut in half. Anakin and Obi-Wan face off against these terrors in Star Wars: The Clone Wars at an encampment on Utapau.

6 Devaronian & Smoke Demon

Both the Devaronian and Smoke Demons look like something straight out of the Ninth Circle. The Devaronian have black blood, fireproof skin, and use sulfur to increase their natural strength and speed, though the effects can be deadly in large quantities. They have devil-like horns and some have red skin, but others have green skin like Star Wars Rebels' Vizago.

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Smoke Demons are the true horrors with their ability to possess their victim's body and vaporize it, trapping a victim's helpless soul until their own destruction. These dark side manifestations created by the Sith also take on the appearance of their victim's worst fear.

5 Dathomirian

The body count of Darth Maul and Savage Opress, both part of the Zabrak subspecies of Dathomir, speaks for itself. The Witches of Dathomir force them to undergo violent trials to become their servants, then basically sell them to the Sith.

The magick of Nightsisters like Asajj Ventress calls on the dark side, allowing them to wrap their dead in burial pods before resurrecting the winged undead to help them tear apart their enemies. Everything they do is haunting, especially watching Mother Talzin warp flesh into living machines.

4 Trandoshan

If a species has a moon designated for hunting other races for sport, it's best to steer clear of them. The beings they kidnap can be anyone in the galaxy, including Jedi younglings, which is much to Ahsoka's horror when she finds herself trapped with a handful on Wasskah in The Clone Wars. That's right, younglings.

With their pointed teeth and claws, Trandoshans hunt their prey as a right of passage, then mount the heads of their prey as trophies. Even dismembering them can't stop them, as they can regrow severed limbs. One of the most well-known of his race, bounty hunter Bossk particularly enjoys hunting Wookiees, as do many Trandoshans.

3 T'surr

Considered one of the galaxy's most deadly predators, the T'surr use their four arms and razor-sharp teeth to defeat their prey, then scavenge their victim's technology and ships for themselves, as well as trophies of their kills they display on their belts. Their cold and dark planet produces few survivors, who are known for lacking empathy.

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They look down on anyone weaker than them, viewing them as livestock to be sold into slavery. The Republic even denied them a place in the Senate because of their murderous ways. Krayn, one of the many cruel T'surr slavers, raids Tatooine for his slaves, leading to a memorable showdown between him and Anakin in the T'surr's first appearance in Jude Watson's Jedi Quest: Path to Truth.

2 Rakata

Created for Knights of the Old Republic, the Rakata were corrupted by their use of the dark side and created force-powered hyperdrives to travel to other worlds to enslave any other species they encountered.

While developing their Infinite Empire, they terraformed worlds, massacred populations, and ate their enemies, as well as their own kind. A subspecies known as the Flesh Raiders strip the bones of their prey with their teeth and burn the land they conquer before discarding what remains of the bones across it.

1 Yuuzhan Vong

There's no denying the Yuuzhan Vang win the title for the most disturbing of the alien races because they murdered 365 trillion beings. This New Republic-era galaxy-spanning invasion involved them transforming a species known as the Chazrach into killing machines and using them as slave soldiers.

They offer sacrifices to their gods in the form of killing the weaker or deformed members of their race, as well as sacrificing their own limbs and replacing their organs with ones from other creatures to increase their power. Pain is pleasure to them, causing them to engage in activities such as bloodletting. Plus, if that wasn't enough, their actions lead to Chewbacca's death in The New Jedi Order books!

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