Scarlet Witch Summoned The Squadron Supreme to Fight Themselves

The Ultimate Scarlet Witch once summoned the Squadron Supreme to fight amongst themselves. In the Ultimate Power crossover, the Ultimate Marvel heroes fight against an alternate version of the Squadron Supreme of America over the fate of Reed Richards. In her attempt to end the conflict, Wanda's powers unexpectedly summon the Squadron Supreme from another dimension altogether, which escalates the situation further as their presence has odd consequences that only Wanda with a little help can fix.

In Ultimate Power, the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards proposed sending out probes to neighboring dimensions, but the world powers were hesitant to approve, considering how Reed's last trip to another world almost destroyed their own. Defying orders and protocol, Reed sent the probes as the mission was a cover to search other dimensions for a cure to Ben Grimm's condition as the Thing. Unfortunately, Reed got more than what he bargained for when the Squadron Supreme teleported to his world and after a brief battle, he was accused of bringing a virus to their world responsible for worldwide destruction and the deaths of millions. A guilty Reed agreed to travel to their world to stand trial and hopefully reverse what he had done and despite the Squadron's warnings,  heroes from the Ultimates, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man board a helicarrier to travel to the Supremeverse.

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In Ultimate Power #7 by Jeph Loeb and Greg Land, the Ultimate heroes seem to be losing and in a last-ditch effort, Quicksilver tries to convince his sister to use her power against the Squadron Supreme. Hesitant to do so without any idea of what could happen, Wanda reluctantly agrees while saying that whatever happens is on Pietro's head. By the end of the issue, a new Squadron Supreme appears from another Earth entirely with a similar costume scheme and even repeating the same things the other Squadron say as they fight. Hailing from Earth-712, these Squadron members seem just as confused and bewildered as the Ultimate heroes as the battle continues. When the deja vu becomes too much, Scarlet Witch is confronted by two versions of the Squadron's magic-user, Arcanna, a pastiche of DC's Zatanna who inform her that when Wanda's powers summoned the other Squadron, their individual powers were split evenly between the doppelgangers occupying the same space.

The Scarlet Witch's powers are well recognized and feared in the Marvel universe but her Ultimate counterpart can't even cast a hex without calculating the mathematical probabilities of what she wants to do and this moment proves she had just barely tapped her true potential. Encouraged to improvise something to help vanquish their enemies, her powers brought the worst enemy the Squadron could face, themselves, and with their powers significantly weakened to even the odds. The fact that Wanda could even pull something like that off clearly surprised and scared her and her teammates as seen when she admitted to the Arcanna's that she didn't know how to fix it.

Despite the strange circumstances altogether, the Squadron Supreme and Ultimate heroes unite to take down their last common threat, a rampaging Hulk. After he was taken down by the Thing, Scarlet Witch was assisted by the Arcanna's in using their combined abilities to return the Squadron Supreme from Earth-712 to their homeworld, restoring the balance of power and concluding the battle at last. After the true villains were revealed and imprisoned, the Ultimate heroes returned to their Earth with Reed but the fact that Scarlet Witch was capable of such feats lingered in her teammate's minds along with the idea to never listen to Pietro for advice.

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