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The world of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series is full of powerful beings known as Daedric Princes, who rule over the realms of Oblivion and often interfere with mortal affairs for the sake of amusement. The Dragonborn - and other player characters throughout the franchise - can encounter most of these Daedra within the games, but some are given significantly more focus than others.

Daedric Princes such as Hermaeus Mora, Mehrunes Dagon, and even Nocturnal have storylines or sometimes DLC in which they play a prominent role. Other Daedra, however, are relegated to more minor appearances throughout the franchise, appearing only in the form of shrines or speaking indirectly through their followers. Each Daedric Prince typically has a quest available for the player to complete, and the reward offered is almost always one of their Artifacts - a powerful weapon, accessory, or piece of armor.

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Given that the Daedra have arguably become among the franchise's most popular returning characters over the years, it seems likely that The Elder Scrolls 6 will continue the trend and have them return once again to offer tasks and rewards to the player. A few of them may even play a larger part in the game, but at the moment little is known about the upcoming Elder Scrolls release and what its story may look like. Nonetheless, there's a small possibility that some of the most underrated Daedric Princes from previous Elder Scrolls games will finally get time in the spotlight moving forward.

As the Daedric Prince of the spurned and ostracized, Malacath is the patron god of the Orsimer. Unlike many other Daedric Princes, seems to genuinely care for his followers, at least in some regard, ensuring their safety and punishing negligent chiefs of orc clans. His teachings place an emphasis on battle and other sources of conflict, and he values strength and valor, giving him an interesting perspective compared to some of the more blatantly chaotic Daedric Princes such as Sheogorath. Interestingly, according to some accounts, he's not even regarded as a Daedric Lord by his peers.

Mephala is one of the more mysterious Daedra, to such an extent that some sources within the series claim that her sphere of influence is entirely unknown to mortals. Other times, it's speculated to be lies, murder, and secrets, among other things. She was worshiped as an ancestor spirit of the Chimer, and is worshiped as one of the "Good Daedra" of the Dunmer Tribunal faith. She's sometimes called the Spider or the Webspinner, frequently manipulating events in the mortal realm, though her motivation tends to be uncertain. Given her mysterious nature even compared to the other often-incomprehensible Daedric Princes, it seems likely that she'll eventually get more focus in the Elder Scrolls series, perhaps answering some of the unresolved questions that currently surround her.

Peryite is in charge of ordering the lower planes of Oblivion, and as such is considered to be one of the weaker Daedric Princes. His influence is over pestilence, but he's had little direct interaction with mortals throughout the course of the series, leaving much of his true nature unknown. His form, however, is known to be that of a dragon - and his noted resemblance to Akatosh, one of the Aedra in Skyrim's pantheon, is often treated as a jest. His realm in Oblivion is one of the few that mortals are seemingly entirely unable to enter (with a very few exceptions), which raises the possibility that the mysterious location could serve as a setting in a future Elder Scrolls title.

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