Black Widow: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Not many superheroes are pulling out birth charts and figuring out just what their zodiac signs might mean to them. Then again, Natasha Romanoff started getting messages from a talking raccoon about the safety of the galaxy, so stranger things have happened. For those in the audience of superhero movies who are also interested in astrology, assigning zodiac signs to fictional characters can make for some entertaining analysis.

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In the case of a movie like Black Widow, however, not all of the characters are fully fleshed out. While certain personality traits are on full display, a lot can be left up to the interpretation of the audience. These particular characters might seem to fit these zodiac signs right now, but that could always change in future installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Black Widow.

12 Aries: General Ross

General Ross doesn't spend a long time on screen in Black Widow. He's there mostly to demonstrate to the audience that this movie is set right around the end of Captain America: Civil War. That doesn't mean the audience doesn't have a feel for who he is between the two movies.

Ross is someone who believes in one thing: justice. He sees the letter of the law as his way to provide it. That's why he's so determined to bring Natasha Romanoff in. While he might not be the stereotypical Aries, he does have the same passion. It just happens to be directed at bringing superheroes in.

11 Taurus: Valentina Allegra de Fontaine

Like Ross, Valentina doesn't get a ton of screen time here. An appearance in a post-credits scene, however, shows her to be determined, pretty stubborn, and clever. She pretty effortlessly manipulates Yelena into seeing things her way.

While her tactics are reminiscent of a Gemini, Valentina is much more like a Taurus with her stubborn mindset. She's also clearly a creature of comfort. Between her appearance in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and Black Widow, Valentina shows herself to have a specific style - and a love for the luxurious, not the outdoors.

10 Gemini: Tony Stark

This is a bit of a cheat since Tony doesn't appear in Black Widow in the flesh. Instead, he's someone Yelena mentions to Natasha as a super scientist who can help with freeing the other Widows. With so few named characters in the movie, Tony's presence briefly hangs over Natasha's head, as she can't go to him for help since they aren't on speaking terms.

Despite their falling out, the MCU audience knows that Tony exemplifies the best and the worst of Geminis. He's a bit mercurial, changing his mind and his attitude with his circumstances. He's also, however, incredibly charming and loyal, not to mention incredibly creative.

9 Cancer: Antonia Dreykov

Antonia might be the most difficult character to determine a zodiac sign for. She spends most of the movie behind a mask and under the control of her father. Antonia really only has one line that's her own, and that's when she asks Natasha, "is he gone?"

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That one line demonstrates just how much Antonia has been through in the years since Natasha thought she killed the young girl. Antonia isn't worried about herself or blaming Natasha for what happened to her. Instead, she's focused on making sure that the man who caused so much damage can't cause anymore. That's not just in line with her own trauma, but her empathy for what all of the Widows have suffered, which is why the only sign that fits, until the MCU explores her character further, is like that of the most empathetic, Cancer.

8 Leo: Alexei Shostakov

There's no question that Alexei, also known as the Red Guardian, wants to be the hero of the story. He believes in heroes, and he certainly loves to be the center of attention.

Just as Leos love the spotlight, Alexei can't resist hamming things up once he gets his uniform back. He also, however, has the loyalty of a Leo, still wanting to be his government's go-to even when they imprison him, and still thinking of his undercover spy team as a family 20 years later.

7 Virgo: Melina Vostokoff

Melina might not always showcase the nurturing instincts of a Virgo, but she certainly has the methodical and logical approach that they do. A scientist and a spy, Melina always has a plan, even if she doesn't like the plan she enacts, like calling the Red Room on Natasha.

Despite insisting that she's not Yelena and Natasha's mother, she does give them advice that helps them make it through their Red Room days. She reminds them to never let the Red Room take their hearts, and to use their pain to make themselves stronger, and that certainly sounds like the most "mom" advice she could give.

6 Libra: General Dreykov

Libras are usually known for their balanced approach to life, and while Dreykov might not favor that aspect of the zodiac's scales, he does favor two others: natural leadership and charm.

Dreykov uses fear more than charm when the audience sees him around the Widows, but it's clear he's got a knack for his despicable job. The Libra in him manages to help him cozy up to government leaders all over the world as he turns on the charm and bargains with them, and it also clings to his family - his daughter - even if he does it by controlling her.

5 Scorpio: Natasha Romanoff

Thanks to Natasha's birthday being revealed in MCU materials as November 22, the audience actually knows she's a canon Scorpio. And it's the perfect sign for a spy.

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Scorpios play their cards close to the vest, taking a while to really warm up to people - not unlike Natasha's refusal to admit she thinks of Yelena as family for so long. They also tend to aggressively go after their goals. Natasha would have stopped at nothing to take the Red Room down.

4 Sagittarius: Rick Mason

Rick Mason is an old contact of Natasha's, and he's got the charm of a Gemini, but the wandering spirit of a Sagittarius. There's a reason the Sagittarius is associated with wanderlust.

The sign is also called the philosopher of the zodiac, always interested in learning about the world and figuring out where they stand in it. Mason approaches his relationship with Black Widow in a similar way, always pushing her to see how she'll react. Considering he travels through six time zones in three days to help her, he can't hate the jet-setting nature of his job.

3 Capricorn: Clint Barton

Like Tony Stark, Clint Barton doesn't make a physical appearance in the movie His voice, and his photo, however, do. He's as much a part of Natasha's story as Yelena and her spy family are too. Clint, after all, is the one to get Natasha out of the Red Room.

His canon birthday makes him a Capricorn, and it's a great fit for him. Capricorns take their responsibilities seriously; their obligations and a hardworking attitude are paramount. Outside of her circle of spies, Clint is Natasha's closest thing to family. The only thing more important to him than making the world a safer place is his loved ones.

2 Aquarius: Oksana

The audience only gets one scene with Oksana, and it's the scene that introduces them to Yelena as well. Oksana is Yelena's target - the Widow who got out of the Red Room and has an antidote for the chemical manipulation of its agents.

Oksana is someone who found a worthy cause and is willing to die for it. She fights Yelena, but never hard enough to kill the young woman. Instead, she accepts her fate, and with her dying breath, wakes Yelena up. She's the closest thing the Black Widow movie has to the rebellious Aquarius carving their own path for the things they believe in.

1 Pisces: Yelena Belova

Pisces is often a sign associated with emotion, creativity, and an escapist nature. While Yelena isn't exactly someone who gets lost in daydreams, she does still embody these Pisces traits.

She makes up a story to tell people about the family of spies she thinks she's lost. Yelena is the one member of their family to embrace her own emotions and call the others out. She's also the one to come up with some creative solutions to problems, like using her car door as a weapon in a car chase. She's the most fitting Pisces in the movie.

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