Gossip Girl Reboot: Couples Fans Are Rooting For Already, According To Reddit

Romances play a huge role in a show as sexy as Gossip Girl, and the reboot has plenty of action on that front. The 2021 iteration of the show has barely hit screens, and fans are already thirsting over their favorite couples (and throuples). Some of these pairings already exist or have been foreshadowed in the debut episode, but some are a product of the wild imaginations of GG diehards.

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From the limited story that is available on HBO Max currently, some characters like Aki and Max, or Luna and Monet "have a vibe", and eagle-eyed viewers on Reddit picked up on these romantic undercurrents in the promotional content itself. In fact, they've even coined their couple monikers, just like Chair and Derena in the old series.

8 Obie & Zoya

This one is a no-brainer, and it was heavily implied from the very first time both the characters meet. However, Obie was with Julien when he was introduced to her half-sister, and many fans think it wouldn't be very becoming of them to get together immediately after Obie dumped Julien.

Mostly, Gossip Girl fans want a slow burn romance between the two socially aware, activism-loving teens. Both Obie and Zoya have a lot in common, and they want to see the two becoming really good friends in the near future and refraining from jumping into a romance instantly, until the romantic tension is too much for both of them to handle and "Zobie" happens.

7 Audrey & Max

Even before the premiere of the new instalment, Redditors picked up on the vibe between prim and proper Audrey and gender fluid wild-child Max. Some of them thought that they could see a connection between the two in the promotional photos, and they were quite right.

Audrey is currently in a long-term relationship with Aki, but she makes it abundantly clear that it's not working for her sexually and she's bored. Max makes her hot and bothered, to the extent that she thinks of him in bed, so it's only natural that fans want to see more "opposites attract" energy between these two.

6 Aki & Monet

People love a relationship between two people who aren't anything alike, and this couple is the very epitome of that. Redditors really want to see something happen between a sweet guy like Aki and an unapologetically mean girl like Monet. It seems like an unlikely ship, but no one knows when things may change on the Upper East Side.

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The newest GG generation is quite woke and seems to eschew meanness, but Monet de Haan's nature is reminiscent of the old Gossip Girl. This would be an interesting couple, if it even does happen.

5 Max & Audrey & Aki

Easily the most popular ships on the internet, this potential throuple has quickly become a storyline of primary concern to most viewers. The first episode made it obvious that sensual Max excites Audrey a whole lot, but fans were pleasantly surprised when the tension-laden changing scene between Aki and Max made it clear that they had something going on too.

Aki even noticed the attraction that his girlfriend had towards Max, and he told her it was okay to think of him while the two were in bed. All of this makes it abundantly clear that a Max, Audrey, and Aki threesome is definitely going to happen, and fans think that the three of them together are perfectly balanced.

4 Obie & Aki

This pairing isn't hinted at in the show (yet), but some netizens are guessing that something might happen between the extremely wealthy Obie and skater boy Aki. They don't think it'll happen instantly, but something that may happen down the line in the show.

Aki is clearly exploring his sexuality in the show, so this queer couple may actually come to fruition, although Obie is portrayed as straight on the show so far. It would be interesting to see how they work out romantically, as their interests do align - one likes movies and the other likes fighting for the little man.

3 Monet & Julien

While Julien has been depicted as a straight woman (which could change in later episodes with more information being revealed), Monet's sexuality is unclear. Fans are rooting for her to be lesbian, which seems to have been confirmed by some reviewers on the internet, much to their joy.

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It could be entirely possible that Monet may have feelings for Julien, since they spend so much time together working and also after hours. This power couple has captured the interest of many fans.

2 Luna & Monet

"Lunet" is an instant fan favorite, and the confirmation of Monet's sexuality gives more stock to this couple. Redditors see a clear endgame between the two best friends, and are excited to see a friends to lovers story arc for the two scheming vixens. Some even want to see them evolve from friends with benefits to lovers who care deeply about each other.

If they get together, the amount of power they would have would be immeasurable, and everyone is ready for a lesbian relationship on their favorite teen drama.

1 Zoya & Luna

It's not the most popular opinion out there regarding couples, but whispers of a Zoya and Luna coupling are making the rounds of Reddit's virtual hallways. Luna seems to have only disdain for Zoya on the show so far, and Zoya is indifferent to the stylish teen, but it doesn't take time for two people to get to know each other better.

Unlikely, but this couple would be extremely fun to watch as they're polar opposites (much like Dan and Blair), so their union may be a good twist on the series.

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