The Flash Theory: Barry & Iris Created The Godspeed Clones

The Flash season 7 has reintroduced the speedster Godspeed and he’s got a lot of clones running around the city that Barry and Iris may have potentially created. The villain has had a presence on the Arrowverse series since season 5 and The Flash has been teasing his return for a while now, with season 7’s episode 15 finally bringing Godspeed (and his numerous clones) to the forefront. 

Barry and Iris have been pretty busy this season following the resolution of the Mirrorverse arc. They not only rebooted the Speed Force together, bringing new entities into the world, but they have also been trying to conceive a child. However, that hasn’t happened yet and then The Flash had his hands full with the arrival of the Godspeed clones, who are still a mystery waiting to be solved. The villains found Barry and attempted to siphon his speed before waging an attack on S.T.A.R. Labs after initially failing to draw on the Scarlet Speedster’s powers.

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With Godspeed back wreaking havoc throughout Central City, there is still much to be resolved regarding who is responsible for the clones and where they even came from. With that in mind, The Flash might be setting up a reveal that involves Barry and Iris in the creation of the Godspeed clones

Barry and Iris have been together since The Flash season 3 and married since season 4, so it’s about time the superhero series set them on the path toward having a family that didn’t involve taking care of their adult child from the future. Season 7 took big steps in that direction by having the Forces storyline, which saw Barry and Iris birthing a new Speed Force and its three new entities — Strength Force, Still Force, Sage Force — in addition to the primary cosmic being. This plot got the couple to start thinking about having children of their own. With Iris likely to be pregnant by the end of the season and the arrival of their future children, Nora and Bart, The Flash is making it a point to establish Barry and Iris’ family in the present and the future. 

The Godspeed clones are copies of each other. The original Godspeed, August Heart, existed in the timeline prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths. August was first introduced in The Flash season 5 and was a brief adversary of Nora West-Allen in 2049. Post-Crisis, Godspeed reappeared in season 6 and it was revealed that there were different iterations of the character, all of whom lost the ability to speak after being apprehended by The Flash. Their goal was in seeking infinite velocity, which explains why they’ve been after Barry. In The Flash season 7, however, Godspeed seems to have regressed from the season 6 copies. 

None of the speedsters have the ability to talk at all, only making modem-like sounds whenever Barry tries to attain any information from them. That wasn’t the case in the past. August could carry on a conversation, with one of the Godspeeds in season 6 saying a few words before stopping. Now that there are way more Godspeeds, the less intelligent they have become beyond fighting and speeding around. It could be because there are so many clones and too many copies of anything isn’t necessarily a good thing.      

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The Godspeed clones returning in The Flash episode dedicated to Barry dreaming about Nora West-Allen and believing that Iris is pregnant can’t be a coincidence. It suggests that the clones are specifically drawn to Barry and this time period specifically because of what’s transpired. Iris and Barry have been trying to conceive and with the arrival of their children from the future, it’s clear they’re ultimately successful. In addition to their growing family, The Flash season 7 has been all about new life. The Godspeed clones reemerging shortly after the Forces were born could be a direct tie-in to the clones being a form of new life. Arriving around the same time Barry and Iris are trying for a baby, specifically, suggests that the Godspeed clones might be connected to the couple.

The Godspeed clones somehow seem to be connected to changes in time. In The Flash season 7’s episode 15, Barry revealed to Chester that his and Iris’ child would be a girl. They already knew this thanks to Nora West-Allen’s arrival in season 5. However, she was erased from the timeline at the end of that season and there have been several changes made thereafter due to Crisis on Infinite Earths. What’s more, Chester also points out the future is likely a different version than it was before, which would also explain why Nora is no longer an only child. With that in mind, the temporal interferences alone — created due to Crisis and Barry and Iris changing the Speed Force — could have created additional clones. Any changes to the timeline have strange and unpredictable side-effects and the Godspeed clones might be a direct correlation. 

It’s also possible that Barry and Iris accidentally created them when they rebooted the Speed Force. Similar to how they created more than one Force with the power of their love, they could have done the very same with the Godspeed clones. They essentially brought new life into the world and the Godspeed clones may have been a byproduct of the Speed Force being reborn, perhaps bringing with it even more speedsters than before and whose replication somehow got out of hand. In The Flash season 7’s episode 15, one faction of the Godspeed clones warred with the other in a bid to get rid of them. They might be mirroring the same behavior of Speed Force Nora, with the idea that there can be only one, a la Highlander. Thanks to The Flash season 7 finale synopsis, it’s been revealed that there is a primary Godspeed (played by Karan Oberoi) and it’s possible that he was, at least, a consequence of Barry and Iris rebooting the Speed Force. By creating another speedster, Godspeed likely wants to feed on power and what’s more powerful than stealing the primary speedster’s abilities and making copies of himself? 

The idea that Barry and Iris did somehow create the Godspeed clones also works thematically because this season has highlighted their attempts to start a family. If the Forces were an extension of Barry and Iris, then it makes sense that the Godspeed clones might be as well. There is also the possibility that Nora and Bart accidentally created clone Godspeeds in the future to fight the Godspeeds in the present and just made it worse. And because the timeline was already changed due to Crisis and Barry and Iris’ actions in season 7 with the Forces, them now having twins may have indirectly exacerbated the issue. Whether or not this theory will be confirmed in The Flash season 7 remains to be seen, but it’s interesting to contemplate nonetheless. 

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