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Playing a spellcaster in Dungeons & Dragons can be both challenging and rewarding for players. While a subclass isn't mandatory to enjoy a character or campaign, a chosen subclass can help craft the role-playing experience in a more customizable way. With the innumerable amount of subclasses available in 5e, it can be a trial to sort through them all to find which one boasts the best features and stacks the most power for players.

The ideal spellcasting subclass rewards D&D players with a host of powerful features early on that will grow exponentially as they level up. Conceivably, features will not dwindle out at later levels and leave players with no room to grow, but will instead improve as time goes on. While every class has its own best subclass, there are a few that are notorious for their borderline overpowered features.

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Coming from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the powerful Divine Soul Sorcerer subclass combines the best from both Clerics and Sorcerers in Dungeons & Dragons. This Sorcerous Origin imbues the player with godly energy that gives them healing abilities and a healthy dose of divine intervention. This subclass allows players to recover from injuries quicker and avoid getting hurt by adding extra dice to saving throws. No matter what alignment players choose, they will still be able to access an Angelic Form, which causes a pair of spectral wings to sprout from the player’s back, giving them a flying speed of thirty feet.

Druids derive their nature-based powers from their chosen Circle, and the Circle of the Moon stands above other D&D Druidic origins. This subclass allows Druids to use their Wild Shape as a bonus action rather than an action, and also allows the bonus expenditure of a spell slot to regain hit points while in beast shape. The Circle of the Moon allows players the unique ability to ignore limitations on the Wild Shape table and can pave the way for more powerful transformations at lower levels. This Circle also lets players transform into Elementals, and turn their attacks while in beast form to overcome immunities and resistances.

The School of Chronurgy is one of the newer Wizard subclasses that comes from The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, which was written by Matthew Mercer and is now official Dungeons & Dragons content. Chronurgy allows players to manipulate time and reality itself, twisting and bending Dunamancy to their will. Chronurgy Wizards can control the flow of time around specific enemies, forcing them to reroll attacks and saves, or entirely freeze them in time. This subclass also allows players to see into possible futures, giving them the ability to change attack rolls, saving throws, or ability checks.

While these subclasses have excellent features that can make for a powerful D&D character build, any subclass can be molded to fit one’s playstyle. However, that is not to say that any of the other spellcasting classes do not have equally as good options. The Chronurgy Wizard, Moon Druid, and Divine Soul Sorcerer stack lots of powerful features at early levels that grow exponentially, but it is possible that is not what a spellcaster is looking for in their subclass. Ample research and zero-sessions with a Dungeon Master can ensure players pick the right subclass in Dungeons & Dragons, stats aside.

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