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Finding Kitbash's location in Fortnite Season 8 is important for earning Battle Stars. While players can focus on completing their Daily or Weekly Punch Cards, Fortnite has also introduced new Character Punch Cards. To celebrate the release of a handful of new characters in Season 8, each one has a questline to offer the player. Characters like Madcap and Fabio Sparklemane each have five quests for players to complete. The more quests players complete, the more XP they will earn for the next challenge. Players aiming to unlock the Carnage skin will want to clear these out as quickly as possible. Before players can do that, however, they will need to find the character on the map and interact with them.

Kitbash is part of the 'Making Friends' questline. These are the challenges he will require players to finish.

  • Collect nuts and bolts: 12k XP.
  • Craft an item: 14k XP.
  • Upgrade a weapon at a weapon bench: 16k XP.
  • Honk a vehicle’s horn within 10m of an opponent: 18k XP.
  • Survive 3 storm phases: 20k XP.

Players are only able to follow five Character Questlines at a time. Even if a player has done partial work on one, they will need to complete it before they can access a new one.

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Fortunately, Fortnite Season 8 makes it super easy to locate these characters. All the player has to do is head over to the Quest tab and scroll to the character they wish to find. Kitbash can be found at the eastern end of the map.

Players will notice that Kitbash is hiding away in Dirty Docks. He can be found wandering out in the open near colored cargo crates. In order to start this questline, players will need to speak with him and accept the first quest to collect nuts and bolts. All of Kitbash's quests are centered around mechanical objects and it makes sense since he is one himself.

Players can double up during this quest and complete another challenge where they must flip an overturned car right-side-up while on the road. Upon completing it, players will be rewarded with XP and gold to spend for their troubles.

For all NPC Punch Card Questlines, players do not need to return to the quest giver after their first visit. Once the first task is completed, the next one will automatically be made available, saving players the trip to Dirty Docks. Players should clear out these quests as quickly as possible to maximize their XP earnings for the season. More Character Punch Cards will likely be made available as Fortnite Season 8 progresses. This acts as the substitute for the Epic and Legendary quests players have completed in previous seasons.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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