How to Find Life Motes in New World (& What They’re For)

New World players can use Life Motes to craft a variety of Stonecutting and Alchemic recipes. For instance, Cut Diamond and Onyx require Life Motes to be polished at a Stonecutter. A Life Mote is a Tier-2 resource that players can refine into its Tier-5 counterpart, Life Quintessence. Players with a high enough level in Arcana can use these Life Essences to craft legendary magical ranged weapons in New World, such as the Windsinger.

Life Motes can be found in random Alchemy Stockpiles or Crates, but the most reliable way to gather them is by farming their harvestable nodes throughout Aeternum. With the exception of Weaver's Fen, every type of Life Mote farming spot is spread reasonably evenly throughout the world, so players are luckily never too far from locating them.

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There are three primary ways to find Life Motes in New World. The first way is by harvesting a white Lifebloom, and the second is by mining Lifejewel. The third source of Life Motes is Lifemoths, a rather large lepidopteran discernable by its pale, glowing body. Lifeblooms and Lifejewel should almost always drop Life Motes, along with other crafting materials. However, Lifemoths may or may not yield Life Motes, as the drop chance is lower.

Lifebloom - Windsward & Monarch's Bluff

Lifebloom grows mainly within Windsward and Monarch's Bluff, but a few decent gathering spots are also spread across First Light. Players will need a sickle and Level 30 in Harvesting to collect the Life Motes from the magical plant. After reaching Level 45, New World players will additionally be able to see nearby Lifeblooms on their HUD's compass.

Lifejewel - Great Cleave, Mourning Dale, & Restless Shore

Lifejewel nodes spawn in the upper regions of Aeternum, mainly within Great Cleave, Mourning Dale, and Restless Shore. The largest and most productive mining cluster for gathering Life Motes is located on the south side of Great Cleave. Lifejewel nodes are also spread out across the eastern coast of Aeternum, especially in Mourning Dale and Restless Shore. Players will need to have a Mining Level of 100 to mine Lifejewel. It's a somewhat high-level requirement, so players will need to focus on leveling their Mining skill by gathering silver or gold ore in New World.

Lifemoth - Shattered Mountain, Edengrove, & Ebonscale Reach

While plenty of Lifemoth spawns can be found in Ebonscale Reach, players should choose Shattered Mountain and Edengrove for farming moth Life Mote drops. In this location, Lifemoth spawns are highly packed together. There's no level requirement to farm Lifemoths, but players will have the ability to track them on their compass after hitting Harvesting Level 175.

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