Spider-Man 2 Prequels' Post-Credits Scenes Set Up Harry Osborn As Venom

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will include Venom, and post-credits scenes in developer Insomniac Games' previous two Spider-Man titles set up Harry Osborn as the symbiote's host. The first game presented Insomniac's take on the Sinister Six, and the upcoming sequel is set to bring more recognizable villains into the fold - though Venom could also be an ally.

During the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase, fans were given a first look at Insomniac's Spider-Man 2. The footage showed Peter Parker and Miles Morales working in tandem to take down a group of enemies as a voice, likely that of Kraven the Hunter, asks if one of the heroes will be able to give him the challenge he has been searching for. The trailer ends with Peter and Miles staring into the darkness of an alleyway, where Venom appears from the shadows, claiming "we" will give the nefarious force something to worry about.

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Venom's appearance in the trailer was an exciting moment, and it was heavily implied in the previous two Spider-Man games that Harry is the one infected by the alien symbiote. While Harry is referenced throughout 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man, he never makes an appearance. His father, Norman, explains his absence is due to him managing the international operations of Oscorp Industries in Europe. It's revealed later in the game that Harry has actually inherited Oshtoran Syndrome from his mother, affecting his nervous system and causing the deterioration of his health. To try to cure his son, Norman directed Harry into an experimental medical treatment, placing him in a stasis chamber to buy time as it takes effect.

Marvel's Spider-Man's post-credit scene shows Norman entering a hidden lab in his home and speaking to an unconscious Harry in stasis, who's covered in a substance eerily similar to the Venom symbiote. Norman apologizes for the failure of his Devil's Breath cure and promises he'll cure him of his afflictions. He places his hand on the stasis chamber's glass in an emotional moment, and the black substance touches the glass on the other side before the screen cuts to black.

The Spider-Man: Miles Morales moves away from Peter's story and follows the personal adventures of Miles as he steps into the Spider-Man role, so Harry isn't mentioned at all until another post-credits scene: Harry wakes up from stasis after a year, still covered in the symbiotic substance. Norman enters the room and orders Dr. Curt Connors to let his son out, despite the doctor warning him of the "potential danger," presumably referring to the threat of the symbiote in the outside world.

These two scenes seem to all but confirm Harry as the host of Venom in Spider-Man 2. Judging from his sole voice line in the trailer, Venom could be working in unison with Peter and Miles, but there's always potential for the symbiote to cause Harry to turn against his friend at some point. It will be interesting to see how Insomniac handles Venom in the new game, but tying the symbiote to Harry could certainly add a level of drama to the proceedings.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be released on PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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