Superman's Son Will Break The Law To Do What's Right

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Superman: Son of Kal-El #2!

In Superman: Son of Kal-El #2, Jonathan Kent breaks the law, in the name of justice. Superheroes like Superman are symbols that both readers and comic book citizens look up to, therefore, they have a lot of rules that can’t be broken as it would set a bad precedent. The biggest rule of all is, of course, Superman’s no-kill rule. On occasions, Superman has broken it to stop a threat that would’ve threatened the entire planet if the villain in question were to have lived. A lot of the job is about morally justifying the methods by which heroes take down villains.

However, Jonathan Kent, the ex-Superboy, isn’t just the son of Clark Kent, he’s also the son of the world’s best and most courageous reporter, Lois Lane. Just like Superman, Lois’ sole mission is to bring justice to the world, though she does so through journalism. Arguably, it’s an even more admirable way of assisting the world, considering it's non-violent. Even if it means getting down and dirty, Lois does what she needs to help the world. Journalism has the power to make the world a better place, though sometimes it means breaking some rules. Clearly, Jonathan takes a lot from his mother despite being renowned as Superman’s son, and that's on display in this issue.

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In Superman: Son of Kal-El #2 by Tom Taylor, John Timms, and Gabe Eltaeb, DC’s new Superman breaks the law. This occurs as he saves some refugees, bringing them to Metropolis, only for them to be arrested by the authorities. However, their intent is different from what he was thinking. They handcuff the refugees to take in for questioning. Whereas, Superman had the idea that they would be free to start a new life, in America. The law-breaking part comes in at this point as Jonathan heat visions one of the refugee’s handcuffs.


According to the law, Superman’s actions are illegal. Essentially, it’s the equivalent of breaking someone out of prison. In both cases, the prisoner is under the protection of the government body that arrested them. Jonathan’s brash actions prove that he is willing to break the law in order to serve justice. Arguably, this is the right thing to do and is completely admirable. As mentioned, it’s a quality that he shares with his mother, Lois Lane. Jonathan gives no second thought to freeing the arrested refugees.

It’s classic Superman to bring justice when injustice is being dealt. Although it’s risky to go against the rules, it’s what a true superhero would do in the name of the greater good. Governments are important to the running of a country, but they all have faults in their systems, so it’s great to see someone with a conscience step in and stand up. Superman: Son of Kal-El #2 is available in comic book stores and on digital platforms now.

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