The Witcher's Place Of Power Recreated By Fan For A Wedding Gift

A fan of The Witcher series of games recently created a meticulously detailed model of a Place of Power, apparently as a wedding gift. The Witcher games have developed a dedicated fanbase since its first game's release in 2007. Equipped with his reliable iron and silver swords, protagonist Geralt of Rivia maintains an outstanding reputation for his combat prowess across all canon of the series, even if the combat systems of the games can pose a challenge at times.

Places of Power are an essential aspect of the world in The Witcher games, seeing as they contribute to Geralt's ability to cast signs (essentially a collective of spells) - an important combat mechanic. Whether slowing Geralt's enemies with the Yrden sign or knocking them away with the Aard sign, these incantations allow the White Wolf to gain considerable edge over his adversaries. Helping Geralt reach his utmost potential, however, requires more than casting the signs. Geralt has to find signs throughout the world as well. Players can locate them adorned on Places of Power, stone monuments they can tap to permanently enhance Geralt's signs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The mechanic serves to encourage travel and exploration, with places like The Witcher 3's White Orchard containing several Places of Power.

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Redditor Christmaspoo1337 recently crafted a Place of Power bearing the Quen sign. The sculpture consists of a clear plastic disc, a sculpture block, granite effect spray paint, and decorative pebbles and moss. The user also posted a picture guide to their process. Their project involved drilling a hole in the sculpture block, then using a marker to draw out the shape of the arch. Cutting it out with a saw, the user shaped the surface of the "stone" to their liking and sprayed three layers of granite-effect paint.

Christmaspoo1337 also drilled a hole for the model's LED through the base of the archway, and finished off the project by including decorative pebbles and moss. The model's sign of Quen, considered by some to be the most overpowered sign in The Witcher 3, can light up with its signature yellow glow. Although Christmaspoo1337 said the project was "easy," they did add it also took "quite some time" - around a week or so.

Passion projects like this Place of Power serve to remind The Witcher's impact on its players, even six years after release. To bestow a Witcher-themed gift upon newlyweds even further cements this reality, seeing as the Place of Power likely has some sentimental value to its recipients. Christmaspoo1337 said their gift is their second model, so perhaps there will be more coming in the future, to be gifted or not.

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Source: Christmaspoo1337 /Reddit

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