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[Warning - Spoilers follow for Far Cry 6.]

Far Cry 6's post-credit scene features a familiar character’s voice, designated merely "Smuggler," that may be Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3. Far Cry 3 was one of the franchise's most successful games and shares many similarities with Far Cry 6’s setting (without the voodoo magic and pirates). The Far Cry franchise frequently employs popular villains, and Vaas Montenegro was one of the most popular.

Vaas Montenegro is Far Cry 3's iconic villain, commonly referred to as "The Psychopath." He is a well-established drug and human trafficker and is the leader of the Pirates on the Rook Islands. Likely his most famous scene is his “Definition of Insanity” monologue, which is a memorable one that helped give the series some of its identity. Vaas Montenegro and Jason Brody face off throughout Far Cry 3’s campaign, enjoying a vicious rivalry after Vaas murdered Jason’s elder brother. Though Jason eventually claimed vengeance for his brother’s death, the exact circumstances of Vaas’ demise were shrouded in uncertainty. The battle with Vaas raged amid drug-addled visions, with Jason waking up back in the hands of Cintra. It appears that Vaas survived his fight against Jason, if it even happened in the first place.

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Some fans of the Far Cry franchise initially believed that Far Cry 6 was a prequel to previous titles, but several pieces of evidence disprove this. Newspapers in Far Cry 3 confirm the game takes place in 2012, while references to the pandemic, TV broadcasts, and articles place Far Cry 6 in 2020. However, Vaas’ voice in Far Cry 6 could be an Easter egg, with the post-credit interaction referencing Far Cry’s Golden Age. Far Cry frequently leaves the fates of its villains in players’ hands, often giving a choice between vengeance and mercy. This leaves many aspects of the Far Cry franchise’s canon a matter of debate.

Vaas Montenegro is one of three villains returning in Far Cry 6’s DLCs, joining Joseph Seed and Pagan Min. Far Cry 6: Insanity is the first of the DLCs that releases in November and centers around Vaas. The interaction with Juan may serve as a way to introduce the DLC, but it’s more likely that Vaas survived the events of Far Cry 3. Many themes in the game danced the line between dreams and reality, with both players and Jason Brody questioning which events transpired and which were hallucinations. The battle with Vaas is one of these instances where Jason’s drug-addled mind couldn't get a firm grasp on reality. Though several Pirates confirm Vaas’ death, his body is never seen, nor is his grave ever discovered.

The most compelling evidence for Vaas’ survival is his direct interaction with Juan that predates the events of Far Cry 6. Juan is familiar with the Smuggler and shares an easy exchange of information and dialogue with him. This suggests that not only did Vaas survive, but he continued his work of smuggling throughout other island chains. Juan most certainly exists given the extent of his interactions with other characters in Far Cry 6’s campaign, and the Smuggler’s voice is undeniable. These signs point towards Vaas' ultimate survival and continued legacy in the Far Cry franchise.

Players eager to experience Far Cry’s twisted universe from villains’ perspectives don’t have long to wait. Far Cry 6’s DLCs come within several months of one another, with Far Cry 6's Insanity DLC releasing within the next month. Far Cry 6 is available now on Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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