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Halo Infinite multiplayer surprise dropped for free on PC and Xbox, and players are already conquering some of the game's hardest challenges and achievements. Players are awarded medals based on things they do during Halo Infinite matches. These medals can range from simple tasks like getting a double-kill, to more challenging goals like hijacking one of the game's air vehicles with a grappling hook. There are 100+ medals in Halo Infinite to achieve, but some are much harder to get than others.

Halo Infinite Medals, along with any achievements paired with them, can be earned in any of the current game modes available. This means players can earn these medals in quick play, big team battles, ranked arenas, and even bot boot-camp. Of course, bot boot-camp would be the easiest way to achieve any of the hardest medals to get in-game, and it is currently unknown if 343 Industries will disable achievements in this mode in the future.

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Obtaining a mythic medal in a public match is the flashiest thing a player can do in Halo Infinite multiplayer. Gold text appears in the kill-feed of the match when a player earns a mythic medal in-game. The text includes which medal that player earned and sometimes even offers a joke that roasts the opponent they killed. One of the most disrespectful mythic medals spartans can earn against their opponents is the Ninja mythic medal, obtained by performing a difficult melee attack on an opponent's back.

1 Surprise-Attack Opponents to Unlock the Ninja Medal in Halo Infinite

For the first time in the Halo series, the iconic "Ninja" tactic, which involves killing an enemy by leaping over them and hitting their back with a melee attack, has become its own mythic medal. It's one of the flashiest medals a spartan can get in a Halo Infinite multiplayer match.

Performing a Ninja is easiest while looking straight down at the floor and jumping backward as an opponent walks under. Catching the opponent off-guard is key when attempting to Ninja an enemy. It's easiest to catch an opponent off-guard by having them chase the player around a corner where they'll lose visual sight. As the opponent loses visual sight of the player around a corner, players should time a leap backward as that enemy charges around it. This should leave the opponent under the player and open to a melee attack.

Players should keep in mind this strategy is dependent on the enemy player's movement and may not work all the time. It is a tactic that has been used by pro players since Halo 2 and is the most dependable way to obtain the Ninja medal in Halo Infinite multiplayer. Whenever a player gets the Ninja medal in a public match, the kill-feed displays gold "NINJA'D" text next to the opponent's name, followed by gold, "You hate to see it" text.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer is available now on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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