Disney Princesses Ranked Least to Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

In the realm of fantasy, Disney has created a solid lineup of heroines that have inspired young people for decades. With the recent live-action remakes, fans have gotten to see their favorite Disney Princesses in the flesh as well instead of only in 2D animation. After the success of Encanto, the next reboot coming in 2023 is The Little Mermaid.

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Although each Disney Princess has her own strengths and winds up with a happy ending, many reach their goals thanks to magic and a lot of help from friends - who usually happen to be animals. But whether or not these brave young women be able to make it through a zombie apocalypse is up for debate.

10 Sleeping Beauty

Otherwise known as Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty would die fairly quickly. Not only does she rely heavily on others, but she is constantly protected by fairy magic. Even though she is kept hidden in the woods, that still didn't stop her from being put into a deep sleep by a curse spinning needle.

This shows that even if she found a good group to stay with, she would probably wander off and get bitten. She also doesn't seem to have any critical skills to contribute during a zombie apocalypse, which begs the question - would she even be able to find a group that would protect her at all?

9 Belle

Kind-hearted and intelligent, Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be the next to go. Although she is extremely brave and athletic, her inability to listen would ultimately be her downfall in a post-apocalyptic world.

When the Beast tells her not to do something, she does it anyway. While that is endearing for the plot in her film and shows her courage in the face of surly characters, it would not be a great quality to have in a survival situation. In such a case, group members would need to fall in line behind a leader to keep everyone safe.

8 Cinderella

A harder princess to place, Cinderella may stick around for a little bit, but she wouldn't survive too long in a zombie apocalypse. While she does have many fantastic skills for this type of world - such as sewing, cooking, and other domestic talents - she is a bit too clumsy.

In Cinderella, she is given the opportunity to dress up and go to a royal ball. However, when she panics about the time restraints, she runs away and loses her glass slipper. Not paying attention to time and losing control of herself when she realizes the danger she's in would be her downfall. Timing is everything when zombies are afoot.

7 Snow White

Another princess who has some wonderful survival skills at hand is Snow White. Although she is also the youngest in the Disney lineup, Snow would most likely assume the role as "Den Mother" to whatever group she fell into. However, her overly trusting nature would get her killed eventually.

In a Disney post-apocalyptic society with zombies running amuck, trust is not something one can afford to give to people outside the group. Snow has a tendency to believe that everyone has the same good heart that she does, and that would end up being her demise.

6 Rapunzel

Locked away in a tower for most of her life, Rapunzel has managed to cultivate a vast skillset. From candle making to knitting, she brings a lot to the table. She's even good at darts which suggests that she might take a liking to projectile weapons in a zombie apocalypse. However, she would probably end up dying after a few months.

Rapunzel relies heavily on her companions for help. She may find a good partner like Eugene to protect her for a while, but if she ever got caught in a horde alone, she'd go down fairly easily.

5 Jasmine

Another difficult placement is Princess Jasmine. Although she has lived her entire life inside a palace, she very quickly falls into a rhythm when she meets Aladdin in the bazaar. To his surprise, she is able to keep up with him even when he jumps rooftops. Her physical prowess will get her a long way into a zombie apocalypse.

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She might get into some trouble if she runs into any aggressors on her own, but realistically she could probably get out of almost any bad situation. She could survive for quite a while in a post-apocalyptic world.

4 Tiana

While she doesn't have any fighting skills, Tiana would certainly thrive in a zombie apocalypse. Her hard work and determination can get her through just about anything. In The Princess and the Frog, she reaches her goal of owning a restaurant from her own willpower. It isn't until Naveen's problems suck her in that she has any issues.

With that in mind, Tiana may do better on her own if zombies ruled the Earth in the Disney universe. Otherwise, she might end up getting wrapped up in someone else's problems, which might get her killed.

3 Mulan

As a fierce warrior who can take down an entire army, there is no doubt that Mulan would do much more than survive a zombie apocalypse. She would excel.

Her skills with a blade are unmatched, which makes her similar to Michonne from The Walking Dead. She would be able to fight off zombies and groups of aggressive intruders with no problem. If she has any issues later on, it would be because of her love for her family. Protecting them might end up being her downfall, but it would be a very long time before something could end her life.

2 Merida

Wielding a bow and arrow while riding on horseback, Merida would live a very long time during a zombie apocalypse. In Brave, she is able to outshoot all of her male suitors - shocking everyone at the tournament. In a sense, she is very similar to Daryl from The Walking Dead.

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With so many fighting and survival skills, she would easily make it in a post-apocalyptic world. She also has trust issues, which would be a benefit in this type of environment.

1 Ariel

The Disney Princess who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse is Ariel. Although she is very naive and trusting, she is a mermaid. While zombies have been found in the water in many films and TV shows, they can't swim. They rely on the tide to wash them ashore so that they can wreak havoc on people with legs.

Luckily for Ariel, she has a tail and full control over where she goes in the ocean. She could just live out her days in the water and never have to worry about flesh-eating monsters - except for sharks. She would be the last to die - probably of old age - in this scenario.

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