Fortnite: The Best New Weapons, Ranked (December 2021)

Fortnite Chapter 3 brought numerous new features to the platform, from menus, mechanics such as sliding, and more. As the map was destroyed and remade once again, players saw a lot of returning places and items along with a whole new world of characters and weapons.

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Players noticed off the bat of Chapter 3 the disappearance of familiar weapons and the immediate integration of brand new ones to take their place. All weapons, such as pistols, snipers, and assault rifles, have been completely revamped, and many of them are actually proving to be major improvements to the original weapons.

The Sidearm Pistol seemed to take the place of the pistol in Chapter 3, but it proves to be pretty much the same as the original model. This weapon can be found in different rarities but isn't the go-to weapon for a fight.

There isn't a huge noticeable difference between the Sidearm Pistol to the original pistol. It has slightly improved damage and DPS to the regular pistol but has the same reload speed and smaller clip size. Players with a quick trigger finger might prefer this to the SMG because of its farther range, but this tap fire weapon doesn't amount up to much compared to the assault rifles.

Much like the Tactical Shotgun, this Auto Shotgun is a deadly fast shooting shotgun at close range but not so great as the range increases. Players who don't trust their accuracy much may prefer this over the pump shotgun.

The Auto Shotgun is one of the fastest firing shotguns than other options. However, even with its fast-firing feature, it's compensated with its sluggish reload speed, which is even longer than the slow-shooting pump. This may be a better option at close range, especially under pressure, but it would take more shots than the pump to take down an opponent due to its lower DPS.

The new Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper took the place of all original sniper rifles, and it proves to have some improved features to the original and some more difficult features to counteract those.

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The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper is described to have a faster projectile bullet, but it is heavily influenced by gravity. Players shooting from very far ranges will have to consider the drop of the bullet, which seems to be more than the past snipers. This sniper does varied damage, with an average of 80 per hit, or 2x that amount on a critical hit. Snipers may appreciate the three-bullet-chamber in this weapon, but it is debatable whether this sniper is better than the original, Bolt-Action.

The Ranger Assault Rifle is another hit-or-miss weapon that seems to share a ranking with the original Burst Fire Assault Rifle even though it has improved some qualities. There is really no competition if players had to choose between this Ranger Assault Rifle or the MK-7 option.

This Ranger Assault Rifle is a slow-firing heavy assault rifle. It does have increased DPS to make up for its slow-firing abilities, allowing players to land up to 37 damage or 1.5x more with a critical. This weapon doesn't have a scope like its competing assault rifle option but does have a small aiming sight. Because of its slow-firing, it isn't the best weapon for close-range, high-pressure moments, and players might want to save it for far-range shots.

Although Clingers aren't completely new, they were unvaulted and added anew to Chapter 3. These small detonator weapons still prove to be deadly weapons far range or close range and are capable of taking out multiple enemies.

Sometimes explosives are the best way to take out enemies, especially if it's more than one. Players are rediscovering just how potent the Clinger is with its capability to stick to any surface and medium detention radius. This is a superior weapon choice for players trying to take down their opponent's builds or taking out multiple enemies far away. Of course, players are almost guaranteed to blow themselves up if they aren't careful where they are throwing.

The Striker Pump Shotgun is a drastic revamp to the original Pump Shotgun players were used to seeing before the start of Chapter 3. It not only looks completely different, but players have noticed it is nerfed quite a bit. Players that prefer faster-paced weapons will not like the pump over the Auto Shotgun. But although it's slower than the autos, it deals significantly more damage, especially on a headshot.

Those who trust their accuracy will pick this shotgun in a blink of an eye. One-shot to the head with this Striker Pump can still immediately take an opponent out, but players have noticed it is more nerfed than the original Pump. Even though the reload speed is still pretty slow, it's faster than the Auto Shotgun's reload speed.

To everyone's happy surprise, this Stinger SMG is proving to be one of the very best weapons for this chapter. It's undoubtedly a faster weapon choice than a shotgun, and players may want to start using it instead.

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SMGs have never been the immediate weapon choice for players in Fortnite, usually getting beat out by a shotgun for close-range fighting. However, this Stinger SMG is one of the best SMGs Fortnite has offered so far. It does just a little less damage, 22 per body hit, than the Ranger Assault Rifle, but the DPS makes it even better than the Ranger with a high number of up to 264. This is the best weapon for fast-paced fights at close range, without a doubt.

The Spider-Man crossover in Chapter 3 is not only proving to bring one of the best Marvel character skins to the game but also proving to be one of the best Fortnite collabs all-round with its addition of the Spider-Man Swingers.

Although they aren't capable of actually doing damage to opponents, there is no doubt these Spider-Man Swingers can be used as one of the best weapons in the new Chapter. They allow players to swing around the map with Spider-Man's webs and drop on unexpecting victims for a fast elimination. The web-swinging mechanics prove to be even better than even some of the best Spider-Man games. They were nerfed from their first entrance into the game, requiring a longer reload time, but they still prove to be a great weapon and defensive item.

The Heavy Shotgun is another unvaulted weapon added anew to Chapter 3. It still proves to be the best shotgun in the game with its high-point damage, magazine size, and semi-fast reload speed.

The Heavy Shotgun is perfect in-between of the Auto Shotgun and Striker Pump Shotgun. It shoots a tad faster than the pump like the Auto but does more damage, like the Striker. They did change up the model of this weapon a bit from what players are used to seeing. The damage is nerfed to what it used to be, averaging around 30 damage now, making it weaker than the Striker. It is also available in more rarities around the map, making it easier for players to find. It proves to be a more balanced shotgun option, with better accuracy and medium reload speed.

The MK-Seven Assault Rifle is the best addition to the game so far for this third chapter. The new aiming mechanics for this weapon make it extremely deadly for ranged attacks and allow for better accuracy.

The MK-Seven Assault Rifle does less damage per hit than the Ranger Assault Rifle, but it proves its superiority with its Red Dot sight and scope aiming. Players can more easily hit opponents at far ranges with the zoom allowing them to move in and out of third-person to aim, however, the added recoil keeps the weapon from becoming overly powerful. It might be on the way to becoming the best assault rifle option in the game so far with its fast fire rate and improved sights.

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